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The Company
The history of Engineering Tecno Project, in short also etp S.r.l., is intimately connected to its founder, Dr. Ing. Vito Leonardo V. CASULLI, Professional with a historical and recognized experience in the engineering sector, who holds the role of Technical Director in the company. Almost 40 years of experience that mean culture, reliability, professionalism and executive and financial management skills of complex programs.

One of the strengths of etp s.r.l. it is certainly multidisciplinary: our company is in fact the center of gravity not only of professionals from all branches of engineering, but also of the legal and economic world and of the architecture and geology sector.

The company is legally represented by the lawyer Leonardo CASULLI, graduated with honors in Law and registered in Register of Lawyers Bari, invested with the position of Sole Director and head of the legal area of ​​etp s.r.l.
The Activity
Etp carries out the following activities:
Project and Construction Management
In this context, the etp carries out the service of promotion and management of the entire building process, directly entrusted to the client: design, search for financing, assistance with contracts and coordination of works. Through the use and application of the most appropriate control techniques, it guarantees the achievement of the result, with a reduction in costs and times, ensuring the final quality of the work.

Project and Works Direction
The etp develops and provides technical services in the various sectors of engineering, urban planning and territorial planning.

Buisness and Real Estate a Advising
In this context, aimed at leading construction companies, the etp develops feasibility studies and economic and financial plans to analyze market scenarios, evaluate convenience, define strategies and predict achievable results. Research, identify and evaluate specific financial instruments for the implementation of the initiatives.

Project Financing
The etp provides consultancy services to public and private entities and companies, in the evaluation and monitoring of projects to be carried out in project financing.

Support and Advising to Pubblic Administration
The etp provides consultancy and support services to Public Administrations in the following sectors: technical verification and validation of public works projects for amounts of less than 20 million Euros; expropriation procedure; technical, legal and administrative support for the activities of the R.U.P.; real estate inventory; road cadastre; acoustic zoning plans; feasibility studies; EIA and SEA procedures; computerization of municipal plans; safety in the workplace, Legislative Decree 81/2008 and subsequent amendments; professional and managerial training.

ISO 9001:2015
Certificate n. IT08/0831
Design and construction supervision in the field of civil and industrial engineering.
Design checks carried out in accordance with applicable legislation.
Design and provision of training services in the professional and managerial field.
Sectors EA 34 and 37.


Association of architectural engineering organizations and technical-economic consulting


Associazione Idrotecnica Italiana
Italian Hydrotechnical Association


Portfolio of the Company with the illustration of the most representative sectors in which we operate and with an indication of the main works carried out.